Business Opportunities

Direct Selling Application
Participants who join the direct sales team of our company are required to submit an original photocopy of HKID or valid passport, application form (filled with information of applicant’s name, identity card number/ passport number, telephone number, residential address, name of referee, etc.) and to buy the distributor kit in order to gain basic knowledge of the products for direct sales purpose.


International Direct Selling Application

We are pleased to announce a global genealogy for all Nefful members. Even with downlines in different country, the sponsor and downlines relationship related to the genealogy will be the same. However, due to the nature of global sponsorship, if there are sales volume in a different country from the downlines group, the sponsor needs to submit a distributor application form (login form) according to the country where the sales volume occurred in order to receive the commission payout in that particular country. For any sponsor who fails to register in the country where the sales volume occurred, will not qualify to receive any commission generated from that particular country. (please refer to System of Compensation Plan)


Direct Selling Structure

The organization of our direct sales team is consist of six levels, namely Consultant, Manager, Area Manager, Area Manager Plus, Area General Manager, and Nefful Executive Top Leader. Participant will get promotion in accordance with their sales volume, disregard of their time of joining.