About Us


★ Japan ネッフル株式会社, founded by Mr. Hisami Kamijo and Ms. Masaco Kamijo in 1973; it is established in Shizuoka, Japan, a wonderful serene place surrounded by beautiful scenery of Fujisan and has convenient transport.

★ Nefful broken the traditional rule of business and led the trend of pursuing healthy beauty employing a “Family Party” marketing model to share its innovative products.

★ Nefful dedicated to the undergarment business and sale fine shapewear items, reinforcing the concept and knowledge of beautiful designs.

★ In 1978, Teviron was introduced to the market by Nefful to promote healthier living for the people.

★ Nefful believes with professional knowledge and dedication to service, we could stand out in the harsh competition. Therefore, in addition to introducing quality products, the company continues to hold seminars and training sessions for our members, so they have a more thorough understanding of Nefful products and become more professional distributors.

★ Nefful wanted to share this business of “Beauty, Health and Hope” with everyone, and expanded worldwide.

1989 Established Taiwan Nefful Co., Ltd. – Taipei Office
1993 Established Taiwan Nefful Co., Ltd. – Kaohsiung Office
1996 Established Taiwan Nefful Co., Ltd. – Taichung Office
2001 Established Taiwan Nefful Co., Ltd. – Taoyuan Office
2002 Established Nefful USA, Inc. (Los Angeles)
2005 Established Nefful Hong Kong Limited
2006 Established Nefful (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur)
2007 Established Nefful Shanghai Ltd. (Non direct selling)
2010 Established Nefful Singapore Logistics Pte. Ltd.
2014 Established Nefful Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd.
2016 Established (Nefful Malaysia)Sdn. Bhd.–Kuching Office
2016 Established (Nefful Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.–Penang Office

★ Nefful Singapore always firmly manages worldwide branch offices and operates them well; it is the command center of Nefful. We will work endlessly with the close relationship between offices, and expand our business globally with nonstop energy. We believe with the leadership of Mr. Toshiya Kamijo, we are able to expand our business to all around the world in the near future.

★ Taiwan Nefful became a member of the Taiwan R.O.C. Direct Selling Association in November, 1997; dedicated to promote direct selling industry images and establish excellent corporate model. Taiwan Nefful was chosen as one of the top six role models in direct selling industry by SOHO magazine in 1999. We spare no effort on public charity events, from promoting education to helping the people in need and making donations, Nefful has set an excellent model in the industry.

★ Nefful sincerely welcome you to join us and work together towards a better future.